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Welcome to the Olmsted County Recorder/Registrar of Titles Office.  We are pleased to announce the offering of LandShark, a web-based tool for customers.  With LandShark, you can easily access Olmsted County Land records and, if the document is available on our system, actually view the document on your computer.  We currently have full document records back to November 12, 1993 and we are in the process of making more historical information available.

To request a subscription, complete the LandShark Account Request Form located on the Olmsted County Web site and mail in with the appropriate fees to the Olmsted County Property Records Office.

Occasional  User  Self-Registration is now available! 
With the use of a credit card, you can now sign-in to LandShark for daily use.  See more information under the Occasional Tab above.

LandShark Account Agreement Amendment 3-19-2010:  Any funds submitted for Escrow usage may in the event of non-payment of the monthly charges be deducted from the escrow account to off-set the monthly usage charges. You are still responsible for any additional balances owed.

Torrens :  Effective 7/1 2011 Olmsted County is no longer filing new Torrens Certificates of Title by Book and Page.  All NEW Certificates will only have a Certificate of Title Number and a File Number.

Historical Records Search Helps:

Document Type Where to Search

How to search

(special note:  All Abstract historical document numbers will have a preceding letter “H” before the number: ie: H123456)

**(Use a leading "0" or "00's" to your page numbers to make them 3 or 4 digits in length)

***All "1/2" or "1/4" numbers are now listed as ".5" or ".25" respectively.

Tract Books Legal description These are the IMG images you will see in the tract (IMAGE ONLY) all available
Abstract:   Deeds Vol/Page Volume:  D-xxx  Page: xxx   (xxx = 3 digits,   ie:001**) all available
    Volume: D-xxx Page xxxx (**4-digit page numbers for this period Books 330-431) all available
    Volume:  D-A  Page: xxx  (A = alpha book #'s) all available
Abstract:   Mortgages Vol/Page Volume:  M-xxx  Page: xxx   (xxx = 3 digits, ie:001) (4 digit pages beginning Book 349, ie: 0001**) all available
    Volume:  ie: M-A  Page: xxx   (A= alpha book #'s) all available
Abstract Miscellaneous Vol/Page Volume:  ie: MS-Y4           Page: xxxx(4 digit page numbers for documents in Books N3-N5, otherwise 3 digits**)  all available
Articles of Incorporation Index Book Vol/Page Volume: ie: AI-1       Page:xxx **See chart for page number
Liens (Abstract) Vol/Page Volume: ie: L-R       Page: xxxx all available.

Miscellaneous Index


U.S. Patent


Volume: ie: MI-A or MI-1 or MI-2  Page: xxx


Volume: USP           Page: xxx

**See chart for page number

all available

Probate Proceedings Index Book Vol/Page Volume: ie: PP-1     Page: xxx **See chart for page number
Wills (Abstract) Vol/Page Volume: ie: W-8      Page: xxx all available
Torrens: Certificate of Titles Document  Number Field            OR Vol/Page      Document Number: Use the prefix CT in front of your Certificate Number - ie:  CT12345                                                                                                                              Vol/Page - 3 digits numbers for both the book and page numbers.  The book number should be preceeded by the letter 'C' (ie: C-001/001)                                                       REMINDER:  Certificates located here are for historical purposes only and are not being updated. all available
Torrens: Documents Document Number Document Number: choose Document Type "Torrens", then use the document number with no prefix. some available

To request older documents not available on Landshark you may use the Document Request form found here:





The Olmsted County Government Center is open for all PRL services The PUBLIC VIEWING room is open by appointment only at this time. Please call 507-328-7670, 507-328-7635 or email to set up a time to come in.  Occupancy is limited to one person at a time.  Thank you for your cooperation.


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MN Dept of Revenue ECRV's
MN Office of the Secretary of State
Olmsted County GIS Web Map
Olmsted County Property Information Website (taxes)
Olmsted County Subdivision Plat Search
  • For documents prior to November of 1993, please see  the chart under the "ABOUT" tab on how to search those historical documents.
  • Olmsted County E-Records all types of documents. Current trusted submitters: Simplifile, EPN, CSC, Indecomm,  and Nationwide
  • If you experience any problems, please contact Wendy at  or call our Customer Service Reps at 507-328-7635.  Replies will be sent during normal business hours - M-F 8-5.

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